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This nutraceutical contains well-absorbed curcumin that may help provide relief from occasional joint and muscle soreness.

The Science Behind Biote Curcumin-SF

All curcumins are not created equal. Although used for centuries as an ingredient in Asia, most forms are poorly absorbed in the bloodstream, whether coming from food or a nutritional supplement. Biote Curcumin-SF is the most clinically studied curcumin supplement on the market, with a 29x greater absorption rate than ordinary curcumin.*

Curcumin supplementation may help protect cells from DNA damage from improper estrogen metabolism, aims to support a healthy immune system, and may offer relief from occasional aches or discomfort.

What Can Biote Curcumin-SF Do for You?

When taken daily, the Biote Curcumin-SF hormone therapy supplement may provide a healthy inflammatory response, also known as the immune response, throughout the body.