World Class Training & Certification With Biote

Biote has trained more than 4,700 healthcare providers on how to implement precision and preventive medicine at their clinics. Read below to learn more about the Biote Method and our training program.

Extending Vitality Through Hormone Science

Biote fills glaring gaps in both hormonal healthcare education and patient access to a fuller continuum of treatments. We teach clinicians how to effectively treat the early indicators of aging for each unique patient. We offer training on bioidentical hormone replacement therapy and complementary supplements, including pellet dosing and pellet insertion training.

  • 20% of OBGYN residency programs provide menopause training, mostly through elective courses
  • 80% of medical residents report feeling “barely comfortable” discussing or treating menopause
  • 84% of women report menopausal symptoms that interfere with their lives, yet 42% have never discussed menopause with a health provider
  • Only 57% of surveyed physicians were “up to date” on information regarding hormone replacement therapy for menopause symptoms
  • Source: AARP

The Biote Method is used to address hormone-related symptoms of health conditions, including thyroid disorder and metabolic syndrome.*

Our proprietary on-site pellet storage and rapid-delivery system align with value-based care and reimbursement approaches. Biote does not practice “buy and bill” drug distribution.

The Biote Method: Clinician Education, Training, & Practice Support

Our cutting-edge, proprietary medical protocols deliver a lifetime of personalized patient care and individual treatment programs based on specific conditions and patient goals. We educate providers on:

  • Hormone science
  • Gathering patient-centric information
  • Deploying our data-driven diagnostic and dosing platform
  • Tactical dispensing of innovative treatment resource
  • Training on non-surgical subcutaneous pellet insertion
  • Complementary roles of nutraceuticals and other supplements

The Biote Method consistently delivers individualized care that patients value, with a less than 1% rate of implementation-related adverse events. And 93% of patients who choose to start therapy choose to continue BHRT.*

What Makes The Biote Method Unique

Training For Providers & Their Teams

The Biote Method training facility for physicians, healthcare providers, and medical staff provides on-site and virtual educational programs, seminars, training, and refresher courses in hormone optimization, synergistic vitamin and nutraceutical guidance, and other topics. Over 4,700 providers in more than 2,800 clinics nationwide have successfully completed this rigorous curriculum and clinical training program, ensuring the highest safety, efficacy, and results for every patient. Upon completion, each provider is teamed with a Biote Mentor, who is committed to providing continuing support and guidance, including regulatory compliance, education, and new research updates.

Biote By The Numbers:

  • 1 National Training Center
  • 5 Regional Training Centers
  • 7 Medical Advisors
  • 10 Clinical Faculty Members
  • 66 Experienced Clinical Mentors in various specialties including Obstetrics, Gynecology, Family Practice, General Practice, Internal Medicine, & Urology

Training in Complementary Protocols Ensures Individualized Patient Care & Best Results

More than hormone optimization alone, Biote offers training and education for a variety of tools and protocols.

The Biote Method Diagnostic & Dosing Platform

This proprietary, high-powered platform uses algorithmic and clinical analytics tools to help ensure that each patient’s personal experiences, concerns, and clinical symptoms are heard and recorded in concert with lab results and other diagnostic tools. Hormone insufficiencies are unique to each patient. The Diagnostic Platform is the cornerstone of individualized patient care, delivering the right diagnosis, the right treatment, the right dosage, and the right delivery method to optimize each person’s health outcomes in a timely manner.*

Biote Nutraceuticals

Vitamins like D and K, and minerals like iodine, work synergistically with our hormones and thus complement hormone therapies. Biote’s clinical-grade nutraceutical formulations are a recommended component for healthier aging. Our line of essential nutraceuticals provide important nutritional support for vitamin and mineral deficiencies that may have created health deficits that may have been accumulating for years. Biote Nutraceuticals support hormone and thyroid optimization and deliver improved, personalized outcomes for those patients with health deficits resulting from poor food quality, poor food choices, stress, health conditions, excessive alcohol intake, and drug-nutrient depletion.*

Biote Prescription Peptide Therapeutics

Peptides are found in every cell and tissue and perform a wide range of essential functions. Peptides are biological messengers carrying information from one tissue through the blood to another. After careful research, Biote identified patient-specific peptides that provide a health advantage that further supports healthy aging. Peptides not only support hormone optimization, they also serve to optimize the cell’s efficiency to handle stressors, enhance libido, support the efficiency of intestinal absorption, improve recovery time, optimize liver, heart, and brain efficiency, optimize sleep, and increase fat burning and lean muscle mass building.*