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NutraPack contains three nutraceuticals vital for healthy hormone balance and vitality – DIM SGS+, ADK, and Methyl Factors+ – pre-packaged in an easy-to-take, convenient daily packet.

The Science Behind NutraPack

NutraPack contains a naturally derived and science-based combination of DIM SGS+, ADK, and Methyl Factors+, chosen for their importance in supporting healthy hormone balance, a healthy immune system, and a healthy cardiovascular system, all of which are key to improving longevity.

Each packet contains:

  • 1 DIM SGS+, which supports healthy hormone detoxification, metabolism, and antioxidant capacity*
  • 2 Methyl Factors+, which supports healthy hormone metabolism and detoxification, a healthy cardiovascular system, and healthy neurotransmitter production*
  • 1 ADK, which supports healthy immune modulation as well as bone, metabolic, and cardiovascular health*

What Can NutraPack Do for You?

NutraPack provides a convenient way to take 3 nutraceuticals that together support health and wellness by pre-packaging them in daily packets.

This 3-nutraceutical combination supports hormone metabolism and detoxification, including sex hormones and mood neurotransmitters, as well as healthy bones, heart, and immune system.*