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Biote Method Certification Program

The Biote Method Certification Program ensures that cutting-edge advances in research and innovation are rapidly communicated to providers and clinics. Biote’s state-of-the-art training facility hosts physicians, healthcare providers, and medical staff members monthly and is complemented by a comprehensive schedule of virtual education programs and online training seminars, and refresher courses. Over 5,700 providers nationwide have successfully completed this rigorous curriculum and clinical training program.

Biote Liaison Support

Every Biote Certified Provider is assigned a Physician Liaison for integrating and supporting Biote in each practice. Each Liaison has in-depth knowledge of BHRT and how it will integrate best with each clinic.
Liaisons assist your practice with all launch, marketing, business, and training solutions.

Hormone Pellet Therapy Training for Clinicians

Biote’s training includes a dedicated physician liaison. This Liaison acts as a guide to all things Biote, from training to support and everything in between. Biote Liaisons are specially trained to help pellet therapy providers understand and best utilize the comprehensive Biote Method, including:

  • Best practices
  • Marketing Tools
  • Training Videos
  • Access to Biote’s Comprehensive Clinical Decision Support Software
  • Advertising and Marketing Support

Become a Member of the Biote Community

Biote hormone pellet therapy training gives a way to evolve beyond managed care to become self-sufficient and successful in today’s changing medical marketplace.

Biote providers enjoy comprehensive pellet therapy training that includes:

  • Monthly Pellet Therapy Seminars
  • Ongoing Support from Dedicated Liaisons
  • Advertising and Marketing Support