Study: Testosterone Pellet Therapy Reduces Breast Cancer Incidence in Women

In the United States, 240,000 women will develop breast cancer annually. A recent study authored by Biote Advisory Board Members Dr. Gary Donovitz and Mandy Cotten looked at whether or not testosterone and estradiol sub-cutaneous hormone pellet therapy could help reduce the incidence of invasive breast cancer in women.

The study found women who took testosterone using the Biote Method (via bioidentical hormone pellets) had a 35.5% lower incidence of invasive breast cancer compared to historical controls.

Published in the peer-reviewed “European Journal of Breast Health,” this study helps add to our knowledge of testosterone’s role in women’s health and helps demonstrate hormone therapy’s preventive potential.

This study was a retrospective conducted over nine years, with data collected from January 2010 through October 2020. It included real-world data of 2,337 patients (women ages 29-87) who had received hormone pellets consisting of either testosterone alone (640 patients) or testosterone and estrogen (1,737 patients).

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